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Research trip for new devised, site-specific work with Seán ó Dálaigh, Espen Hjort, Ruairí Donovan, Mees Borgman, Andrew Duggan and Yoonhee Lee
Blasket Islands, Ireland

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Artist in residence at Klaustrið, Skriðuklaustur 
Fljótsdalur, Iceland

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“Mood and the act of making: situation-specificity in artistic practice”
Brunel University, London

Performance in a new opera by Andys Skordis
Kypria International Festival

March 16th
“The situated knowledges of practice” 
Guest lecture weaving together folkloric forms, standpoint theory and situated knowledge, field recordings, theories of embodied practice, deep listening, topophilia, collective action and activism. 
Sound Lab
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts


November 24th - 26th 
“How to sing a lullaby: embodied technique as situated knowing”
Presentation at seminar “Materials, Methods and Ethics in Music Research”
Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies
University of Bergen

August - September  
Musical direction of Ragnar Kjartansson’s “The Sky in a Room”
San Carlo al Lazzaretto church in Milan
Produced by the Trussardi Foundation, curated by Massimiliano Gioni. 

August - September
Arïanna: Liefde zonder Grenzen
role of Dorilla
New hybrid opera work with director Miranda Lakerveld and World Opera Lab
Podium Mozaïek
The Netherlands


March 11th - 13th
"Durational Approaches to Performance"
3-day workshop with students of Leeds College of Music
Leeds Art Gallery

February 19th
"What do we mean when we speak of "practice"?"
Lecture at Iceland University of the Arts
Reykjavik, Iceland

January 24th
Solo set at Juliet Fraser’s ‘eavesdropping’ series
Oxford House
London, U.K.


November 19th - 21st
Workshop with students of the MA program “New Audiences and Innovative Practice”
Iceland University of the Arts
Reykjavik, Iceland

October 25th
LUNCH / Hádegisverður
Northern Creation performance
Reykjavik, Iceland

September 1st - 22nd
Residency with Northern Network for Performing Arts
“Northern Creation”, collaborative and interdisciplionary residency and creation of new work
Kaukonen, Finland

26th August - 1st  September
Festival Ung Nordisk Musik
Durational performance art work during which a group of artists and craftspeople disassemble a piano with the help of the public
Piteå, Sweden

August 2nd
Solo performance of traditional and original songs
Fengaros Music Festival
Kato Drys, Cyprus

July 25th - 30th
Approaches to musical embodiment
Six-day workshop at Fengaros Music Village
Kato Drys, Cyprus

May 8th
Poetry reading and song performance 
Vatnasafn / Library of Water
Stykkishólmur, Iceland

April 24th - May 12th 
Writer in residence at Vatnasafn / Library of Water
Stykkishólmur, Iceland


November 19th
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
Quad by Samuel Beckett
Huddersfield, U.K.

November 8th
Airwaves festival, off-venue
Norræna húsið
Solo voice + guitar performance of songs from around the world
Reykjavik, Iceland

October 26th
Circleflute Opera
in collaboration with composer Þráinn Hjálmarsson and artists Brynjar Sigurðarson and Veronika Sedlmair
Cycle Music and Art Festival
Kópavogur, Iceland

September 21st
Perdu Poetry Institute
αἰ αί / æ æ / ay ay — a few pieces about words, and other things that fall apart
Amsterdam, Netherlands

August 13th - 19th
Xarkis Festival
Residency, workshop and community art project around folk song and folk song transmission
Koilani, Cyprus

July 21st
Feggaros Music Village
Songs the algorithm taught me
Solo voice + guitar performance of songs from around the world
Kato Drys, Cyprus

July 13th
Cyprus Wine Museum
Pieces by Rzewski and Feldman with Passepartout Duo
Limassol, Cyrpus

June 29th - 30th
Two evenings of performances and readings with Anne Carson, Robert Currie,  Sigurjón Birgir Sigurðsson, Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir, Magnus Sigurdsson,  Ragnar Helgi Ólafsson and others.
Reykjavik, Iceland

June 28th
Einar Jónsson Museum
Performance of Greek folk song at the release of Anne Carson’s Vör/Lip and Ragnar Helgi Ólafsson’s Bókasafn föður míns (Tunglið forlag).
Reykjavik, Iceland

June 8th - 22nd
Durational performance art work during which a group of artists and craftspeople disassemble a piano with the help of the public.
Reykjavik, Iceland

Four outdoor site-specific performances of Samuel Beckett’s “Quad”
Huddersfield, U.K.

April 21st
Lied in Leeds
premiere of Glöckchen, a new co-composition with Brice Catherin and Alicia Fernández
Leeds, U.K.

February 18th
Norræna húsið
Days of Silence
composition by Haukur Þór Harðarson
with Guðni Franzson and Ensemble Caput
Reykjavik, Iceland

February 3rd - 28th
National Museum of Wales
The Sky in a Room 
durational work by Ragnar Kjartansson
Cardiff, U.K.


December 8th
Perdu Poetry Institute in collaboration with Poëziecentrum Ghent
The loinpres, or how to surrender your will and yet to write
poetry and translation performance
Amsterdam, Netherlands

November 24th
Théâtre les 50
Saint-Jean-de-Gonville, France

October 28th
The Warp at Kunstkapel
radioplay/electronicopera/installation by Thomas Myrmel
Amsterdam, NL

September 14th - 17th
Perdu Theatre  
Amsterdam Fringe Festival
Amsterdam, Netherlands

August 2nd
Thkio Ppalies
άκ02 : Sonorous Bodies
voice, vibraphone and diffusion
with Andria Nicodemou & Emiddio Vasquez
Lefkosia, Cyprus


Oct 5 - 7
Dance House Lefkosia
opera by  Andys Skordis
Lefkosia, Cyprus

Sept 2nd - 6th
Oostblok theater
Amsterdam Fringe Festival
with performance art ensemble Knot Applicable
Amsterdam, Netherlands

June 11th - 19th
Theater Carré,
Theatre of the World
Opera by Louis Andriessen
with with Asko|Schönberg and the Dutch National Opera
conductor Reinbert de Leeuw
director Pierre Audi
Amsterdam, Netherlands

May 6th - 8th
Walt Disney Concert Hall
Theatre of the World
Opera by Louis Andriessen
with L.A. Philharmonic and the  Dutch National Opera
conductor Reinbert de Leeuw
director Pierre Audi
Los Angeles, U.S.