Podcast discussion with Juliet Fraser ahead of my performance at eavesdropping, a new music series curated by Juliet, which takes place in the beautiful wooden chapel at Oxford House in Bethnal Green. Discussions of  islands and edges, desire and departure, and the healing power of song. Juliet asked me one particular question which I struggled to answer extemporaneously. I ended up writing an essay on the subject, which can be read here.  
December 2019

Blackest Crow with Vassilis Philippou
August 2018

CLAC new music and performance art series
April 2018

Three weeks of cabbage photography
March 2017

Time and Materiality
featuring Ockeghem and “The Fat Time and the Thin Time”, an essay by Klaus Lang (with permission from Klaus)
March 2017

Grottadrottningen, in the Tombs of the Kings
Photo: Linus Andersson
Summer 2016

Summer 2016

Nude#4 by Arantxa Hurtado
a long time ago