1986, Cyprus

Sophie Fetokaki is a singer, poet and interdisciplinary artist. She can be found writing and performing poetry, devising collaborative performance works, singing folk songs, spending long periods of time in remote places, and dismantling pianos very slowly. Her work has been shown in a variety of festivals, including Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (U.K.), Festival Ung Nordisk Musik (Sweden), Xarkis Festival (Cyprus) and Cycle Music and Art Festival (Iceland), among others. Her poetry and prose have been published online and in print in the U.S. and Iceland. She holds two bachelor’s degrees (music and vocal performance) and a Master’s degree in literary studies. She is currently completing a practice-based PhD at Huddersfield University, in which she explores embodied technique, situation-specificity, and the various relations and entanglements in which the act of making is always implicated. This year (2020) she is releasing Abundance, an eclectic album of folkloric music, original material and rearrangements of classical songs, and epigraphē (1913 press), a book of poetic fragments. 

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Above photo is by Christina Skarpari
My hands were photographed by Hedda