One of my all-time favourite albums of 2021.


    - Sara Mohr-Pietsch, BBC Radio 3

Reimagining classical works and traversing the [needless] boundaries between contemporary classical, folk and experimental music, she has the kind of resolutely individual approach that has made artists as diverse as Anna Meredith, Esperanza Spalding and Polly Harvey so intriguing.

    - Neil March, Fresh on the Net

Altogether a wonderful album.  


    - Roger Holdsworth, PBS Radio Melbourne

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‘Bist du bei mir,’ the neoclassical track that closes Abundance was played on Seattle’s KEXP station back in March 2022 by DJ Alex.

As well as KEXP, tracks from Abundance have been played on BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio Cymru, The Wire Magazine’s radio show “Adventures in Sound and Music”, NTS Radio, Israel’s Kz Radio, Merging Arts Global Radio, Australia’s PBSFM, and many others. Abundance has been shared on many playlists and blogs including Fresh on the Net, Radio Krimi, Rhythm PassportKEXP Pacific Notions PlaylistPutumayo New World Acoustic playlist.

Instead of physical copies, the album can be bought digitally along with a votive beeswax altar candle deliciously scented with almond fragrance. The candle was made from a 3d scan of myself as I appear on the album cover. Made in collaboration with Vassiliki Riala (÷χρονικό) and Savvas Avraam at Thinker Maker Space in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Album release performance at Fengaros Reacts online festival 

Video for ‘Almonds for the Present Moment’

Album lyrics and translations (album credits below)

Bright morning stars are rising

Bright morning stars are rising
Day is breaking
In my soul

Oh where are our dear fathers?
They are down in the valley praying
Day is breaking
In my soul

Oh where are our dear mothers?
They are gone to heaven shouting
Day is breaking
In my soul

Hamlet’s Song

Over the water I see our home
And neither rain nor snow nor tired bones
Will keep us on the shore

Won’t you come live with me, and be my love?

Over the water we’ll build a little house
Where I will make you eggs in the morning
And pour you whiskey in the moonlight
Under the eaves

Won’t you come live with me, and be my love?

Το Άρωμα

Ολου του κόσμου τα καλά
να τα `χα δεν τα θέλω
ας έχει ο κόσμος τα καλά
κι εγώ αυτόν που θέλω

Ήθελα να `μουν άρωμα
που βάνεις στα μαλλιά σου
σε κάθε σου αναπνοή
να μπαίνω στη καρδιά σου.

Όσα άστρα έχει ο ουρανός
ο ήλιος, το φεγγάρι
έτσι κι εγώ θα σ’ αγαπώ
μέχρι να μπω στον Άδη

Για σένα κλαίω και πονώ
και βαριαναστενάζω
μα τέτοιο πόνο με χαρές
χιλιάδες δεν αλλάζω

The Perfume

If I could have all the joys in the world
I would not want them,
let the world have its joys
and I the one I desire

I wish that I were a scent
that perfumes your hair,
so that with each breath
I could enter your heart

As much as there are stars in the sky,
and the sun, and the moon,
so much will I love you,
until I travel to the underworld

I cry and suffer for you
and sigh heavily
but I would not trade such pain
for a thousand joys

The Blackest Crow

As time draws near my dearest dear when you and I must part
how little you know of the grief and woe in my poor aching heart.
Each night I suffer for your sake, you’re the only man I love so dear,
I wish that I was going with you, or you were staying here.

I wish my breast were made of glass wherein you might behold
upon my heart your name lies wrote in letters made of gold.
In letters made of gold my love, believe me when I say
You are the one that I will adore until my dying day

The blackest crow that ever flew would surely turn to white
if ever I prove false to you bright day will turn to night.
Bright day will turn to night my love, the elements will mourn
if ever I prove false to you the seas will rage and burn.

And when you’re on some distant shore, think of your absent friend,
and when the wind blows high and clear, a light to me pray send.
And when the wind blows high and clear, pray send your love to me
that I might know by your hand write how time has gone with thee.

Folia de Reis*

Ai que orar bendita hora
Com as três Marias

Ai, são horas de agradecer
Com as três Marias

Agradecer com a palavra
Com as três Marias

Foi o melhor que aconteceu
Com as três Marias

Eu agradeço à São José
Com as três Marias

Ai, são horas de agradecer
Com as três Marias

Vai receber o prêmio dela
Com as três Marias

Foi lã na glória verdadeira
Com as três Marias

The Revelry of Kings

Praise now this blessed hour
oh, three sisters

These are hours for giving thanks
oh, three sisters

Give thanks with your words
oh, three sisters

The greatest of events has come to pass
oh, three sisters

I give thanks to saint Joseph
oh, three sisters

These are hours for giving thanks
oh, three sisters

You will receive her gifts
oh, three sisters

An event of true glory
oh, three sisters

* Folia de Reis is the Brazilian folkloric celebration of the adoration of the magi. The “three sisters” refers to the stars of Orion’s Belt, a constellation associated in many traditions with the biblical magi. I want to thank the brothers Daniel Fernandes and De Leon Fernandes for sharing their knowledge of this tradition as it is practiced in the municipality of Muriaé in Minas Gerais. The song as it appears in Abundance was based on a recording of a procession in which Daniel and De Leon participated.  See the following pages for more information on this local tradition:,

Almonds for the present moment

On a mountain high, one summer’s day,
I laid down my woes to die.
With a pair of my baby shoes
and a picture of me when I was small
I wept goodbye to all the pain and trying

And said, “I will love you, till we both die
and we’re buried in the cold, cold ground
and you become a part of me again

So long my woes,
Fare thee well.”

As the sun sank low and the moon rose high,
I gave these words away.
And to the sound of a familiar tune
I burned the pages that you gave to me,
put my hands to my chest and prayed,
for your release, and mine

And said, “I will hold you when you are scared
and I’ll listen to your small, small voice
And you’ll become a part of me again.

So long my woes,
Fare thee well.”

Alte Laute
Justinus Kerner

Hörst du den Vogel singen?
Siehst du den Blütenbaum?
Herz! kann dich das nicht bringen
Aus deinem bangen Traum?
Was hör’ ich? alte Laute
Wehmüt’ger Jünglingsbrust,
Der Zeit, als ich vertraute
Der Welt und ihrer Lust.
Die Tage sind vergangen,
Mich heilt kein Kraut der Flur;
Und aus dem Traum, dem bangen,
Weckt mich ein Engel nur.

Sounds from the Past
trans. Richard Stokes

Do you hear the bird singing?
Do you see the blossoming tree?
Heart, can that not bring you
Out of your fearful dream?
What do I hear? Old sounds
Of a melancholy youthful breast,
From that time when I trusted
The world and its joy.
Those days have gone,
No meadow herb will heal me;
And from the fearful dream,
Only an angel will wake me.

Lu Cardillo

Sto crescenno nu bello cardillo
Quanta cose che l’aggio ‘mpara’
Adda ire da chisto e da chillo
Ll’immasciate po’ m’adda purta’
Siente cca’ bello mio lloco ‘nnanze
c’e’ na casa ‘na nenna ‘nc’e’ stà
tu la vide ca nun è distante
chella nenna aje da ire a truvà.

Si la truove ca stace durmenno
pe’ ‘na fata gue’ nun ‘a piglia’
nu rummore nun fa cu li penne
guè cardì tu l’avissa scetà?
Si affacciata po’ stà a lu barcone
Pe’ na rosa l’avisssa piglià?
Gue’ cardi’ vi’ ca lla’ nun te stuone
Va vattenne cardi’ n’addurà.

Si la truove che face l’ammore
‘stu curtiello annascunnete cca’
‘nficcancillo deritto allu core
e lu sango tu m’aje da purtà.
Ma si pensa vattè chianu chianu
Zitto zitto te nce l’aje accustà.
Si afferrà po’ te vo’ co’ la mano
priesto ‘mpietto tu l’aje da zumpa’.

Si te vasa o t’afferra cianciosa
tanno tu l’aje a dire accussiì:
“lu patrone pe’ te nun reposa
puveriello pecchè adda murì.”
T’accarezza te vasa ah… viato
chiu’ de me tu si certo cardi’
Si cu’ tico cagnarme m’è dato
doppo voglio davvero muri’.

The Goldfinch

I'm breeding a lovely goldfinch 
what a lot of things I need to teach him!
He must flit here and there
And carry messages for me.
Listen to me, sweet bird, not far from here
there is a house, a girl lives there
you can see it, it's not far -
that’s the girl you must seek.

If you find her sleeping
don't mistake her for a fairy
don't rustle your feathers
be careful, goldfinch, not to wake her.
If she's standing at the balcony
Don’t mistake her for a rose!
Goldfinch, take care not to get intoxicated
go from there, goldfinch, don't inhale her perfume.

If you find her making love
Take this concealed knife
stick it straight into her heart
and bring me her blood
But if she's thinking, move very softly,
Approach her oh so quietly
And if she catches you with her hand
you must spring quickly in her bosom.

If she kisses or embraces you
You must say to her:
“My master cannot sleep for love of you,
The poor thing, why must he suffer?”
If she caresses you, and kisses you
More blessed are you than I, little bird,
If I could exchange places with you,
I would be happy to die.

What wondrous love is this
What wondrous love is this, O my soul, O my soul
What wondrous love is this, O my soul
What wondrous love is this,
To cause the Lord of bliss,
To send such perfect peace
To my soul, to my soul,
To send such perfect peace,
To my soul.

To God and to the Lamb, I will sing, I will sing
To God and to the Lamb, I will sing
To God and to the Lamb,
Who is the great 'I am'
And Christ the son of man
I will sing, I will sing
And Christ the son of man,
I will sing.

When we're from sorrow free, we'll sing on, we'll sing on
When we're from sorrow free, we'll sing on
When we're from sorrow free,
we'll rise and joyous be
and through eternity
we'll sing on, we'll sing on
and through eternity
we'll sing on.

Ήρθ' ο καιρός να φύγουμε

Ήρθ' ο καιρός να φύγουμε, ροδιά μου, ροδιά μου
στα σπίτια μας να πάμε, μικρή ροδακινιά μου

Και πάλι θ' ανταμώσουμε, ροδιά μου, ροδιά μου
στης νύφης τα πιστρόφια, μικρή ροδακινιά μου

Αρνιά θα ψήσουμε παιδιά, ροδιά μου, ροδιά μου
θα φάμε και θα πιούμε και θα σας ευχηθούμε

The time has come to leave

The time has come to leave, fruit of my heart,
we are heading home, little fruit of my heart

We will meet again, fruit of my heart,
we will dine in the house of the bride, little fruit of my heart

We will roast lambs, fruit of my heart,
we will eat and drink, and wish you well

I tagli e i piaceri

I don't understand what brought you to me
or which of the winds have blown you away.
But it doesn't matter now,
please hear me when I say

ti ringrazio  
per tutto quello che mi hai dato.

Siamo tutti umani nel bene e nel male,
portiamo in noi dolori nascosti.
And if the snows fall late in spring,
the grasses will die.

Thank you for the love you gave to me,
i tagli e i piaceri.

The wounds and the joy

Thank you
For everything you gave to me

We are all human, for better or worse
We carry hidden pains within us.

The wounds and the joy.

Bist du bei mir

Bist du bei mir, geh ich mit Freuden
Zum Sterben und zu meiner Ruh.

Be you with me

Be you with me, I will go with joy
To death and to my rest.

(1) Appalachian folk hymn; (2) (5) and (11) written by Sophie Fetokaki; (3) love song from Leros, Greece; (4) processional song commemorating Theophany, Muriaé, Brazil; (6) Lied by Robert Schumann; (7) Appalachian/Ozark ballad, U.S.A.; (8) Neapolitan canzone, Italy; (9) Sacred harp hymn, U.S.A.; (10) traditional dance song from Epirus, Greece; (12) aria by Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel (often attributed to J.S. Bach)

Sophie Fetokaki: vocals, guitars, harmonium
Lefteris Moumtzis: electric guitar, mandolin, electric bass, double bass, synths, vocals
Fred Thomas: piano, banjo, electric bass, double bass, acoustic guitar, percussion, drums, harmonium, synths, vocals

Andreas Trachonitis: drums on (10)
Odysseas Toumazou: electric guitar on (6)
Giorgos Kalogirou: laouto on (3)
Ewan Bleach: saxophones on (4) and (10)
Veronika Aloneftou: santouri on (3) and (11)
Eleni Era: backing vocals on (11)
Eleni Era, Vassilis Philippou, Lefteris Moumtzis, Fred Thomas, Alexis Kasinos, Yionny F. Avraamides: Choir of Wondrous Love

Produced by Lefteris Moumtzis, Fred Thomas and Sophie Fetokaki

Recorded and mixed by Andreas Trachonitis at Studio eleven63, Nicosia, Cyprus
With additional recording by Fred Thomas in London and Alex Harker in Huddersfield
Mastered by Yiannis Christodoulatos at Sweetspot productions

Art direction by Sophie Fetokaki and Ragnar Helgi Ólafsson
Photos by Michael Kyprianou
Scenography by Lydia Mandridou
Album design by Ragnar Helgi Ólafsson

With special thanks to Aristos Aristofanous (for The Blackest Crow) and Shakallis Dance School (for the sayia).

Abundance was partially funded by the Youth Board of Cyprus / Οργανισμός Νεολαίας Κύπρου.