meta/morphē is performance art, community art, installation, experimental music, duration piece, recycling project and much more. In June 2018 in Reykjavik, Iceland, a group of interdisciplinary artists spent two weeks disassembling a grand piano and re-configuring it into a plethora of useful and useless objects. The artists were present in various configurations throughout the duration of the project, working both independently and in groups. Performances and performative events of various kinds took place around the central activity of the piano disassemblage, relating to and making use of the piano in many and varied ways.

June 8th - 22nd
Vonarstræti 3, 101

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María Arnardóttir (artist/designer)
Sophie Fetokaki (maker/performer)
Einar Torfi Einarsson (composer/artist)
Kristian Ross (composer/sound artist)
Linus Orri Gunnarsson Cederborg (carpenter/musician)
Rebecca Scott Lord (performer/painter/writer/speaker)
Taylor Myers (director/performer/immersive/experiential creator)
Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir (artist/musician)
Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir (pianist/artist)

*meta/morphē will be presented for the second time in Piteå, Sweden, at Ung Nordisk Musik 2019*

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