February 2020
‘æ æ / αἰ αί / ay ay: lessons in love and loss’ has been published in the fourth issue of Ós, a multilingual literary journal from Iceland

January 2020
An epilogue to a podcast conversation with Juliet Fraser, ahead of my performance in her series Eavesdropping. Juliet asked me an important question about the relationship between art making and womanhood. I found myself unable to answer extemporaneously, and this text is the trace of subsequent thoughts on the question, and on the difficulty of answering. 

July 2019
æ æ / αἰ αί / ay ay: lessons in love and loss, a text/performance piece published by the Chicago Review of Books’ online literary magazine Arcturus. 

August 2019
A / B,  a piece published in 8poems 

poetry manuscript
long-listed for the Melita Hume Poetry Prize, Eyewear Publishing, London
short-listed for the 1913 Prize for First Books
Forthcoming as an Editrixes Pick with 1913 press, spring 2020
1913 anouncement

ó, das heißt
das ist anders om
o, in dessen Klage klinkt
piangeró, I will werden
were I to live, I would
O my ó; that which is cavernous
like a soft palate

Raise no monument (2015)
A translation, made on one of Vienna’s long summer afternoons, of Sonnet V (Book I) from Rilke’s Die Sonette an Orpheus


aber die, aber die, aber
composition, again, again
as we did in school
fresch, fräsh, friskt und frisky
som regnet, på, på
zwölf o’clock oder, eller nein
sieben – aber die, aber die, aber
die Gebirge mellan oss.