Akademie Schloss Solitude Portfolio

Welcome to a portfolio page I have put together in support of my application to the residency fellowship at Akademie Schloss Solitude. I am applying for the residency fellowship as a group along with two collaborators, Brynjar Sigurðarson (designer) and Þráinn Hjálmarsson (composer).

In this portfolio you can find:

1) audiovisual documentation and textual material of previous collaborative works we have made as a group;

2) recordings of my work as a vocalist, featuring a variety of musical styles and langauges;

3) material from my interdisciplinary practice, including photos, videos and audio recordings of text-based, site-specific, participatory and community art projects.

1) Hringflautan / Circleflute

Click here for Circleflute Texts

A circle, mise-en-scène, an object, a character [teaser/excerpt] - Circle flute opera installation from Thrainn Hjalmarsson on Vimeo.

Excerpt I: “Scroll song”, a multilingual sound-poem

Excerpt II 

2) Recordings of songs and vocal compositions


3) Text-based, site-specific, participatory and community art projects

The Sky in a Room, a site-specific work by Ragnar Kjartansson, performed at the National Museum of Wales in February and March 2018.

Song Cycles at Xarkis Festival (2018)

A community art project engaged with Cypriot folk song and collective memory. The project had two principal stages: 1) a residency, during which I gathered songs from the residents of the mountain village of Koilani; 2) Xarkis Festival itself, during which I taught these songs to festival-goers in a song workshop.

Here is an outdoor recording of me singing the songs I learned during the project. It was recorded after the festival, in the fields outside the village of Mathiatis, where my mother lives:

And here are some images of the Xarkis Festival residency, workshop and performance:

Quad by Samuel Beckett (performed in 2018)

In this project I was the director and a performer. 


Meta/morphē (2018)

A deeply interdisciplinary project, involing performance art, community art, installation, experimental music, durational practice, recycling and much more. During this project, which I devised, I and a group of interdisciplinary artists spent two weeks disassembling a grand piano and re-configuring it into a rich variety of new objects. The artists were present in various configurations throughout the duration of the project, working both independently and in groups. Performances and performative events of various kinds took place around the central activity of the piano disassemblage, relating to and making use of the piano in many and varied ways. The two-week performance was open to the public, who were invited to participate.

This project was funded by:

Here is an audio recording of myself improvising at the semi-disassembled piano:

And here are some photos of the process:

αἰ αί / æ æ / ay ay — a few pieces about words, and other things that fall apart (2018)

This is a performance for which I composed the text and music, recorded in Amsterdam in September 2018. The third piece (Ithakas, 18:43) is a collaborative Dadaistic performance featuring a mixed group of musicians, writers and academics.